●Harvesting sake rice & communication party
The friendship between the foreign participants and our kids (5-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son) started from the rice planting event and the following party which were held in May. We could deepen our friendship at the event of installing bird deterrents (CDs) and scarecrows in our rice field in July. So, this rice harvesting event was the third chance for us to meet the foreign participants.
Whenever our kids walked aside the rice field, they checked if the rice was growing healthily and how big they grew. 
It seemed that they couldn’t wait for this rice harvesting event.
Eventually, the day of the event came along and it was a fine autumn day happily. So we could harvest the rice very lively.
After the activity, we had the communication party at the community center located in front of our rice field. We had been looking forward to the party for a long time! (Perhaps we adults were interested in drinking though.)
We made and tasted rice balls with the members of the “Let’s create an Iizaka’s original Japanese sake association”, Iizaka hot spring tourist association, our settlement and the foreign participants, with a lot of fun. We had a very good time with all the participants.
Our kids served beer and other alcoholic beverages voluntarily to the adults like a waitress and a waiter. They really enjoyed serving and recommending some more beer to the adult attendees.
Above all, it seemed that they enjoyed communicating with the foreign participants whom they had met before a lot, although they were shy to talk to them in the first place. Just after the event my daughter said, “It was fun to cook rice balls together and chat with the foreign participants. I really want to play with them again!”. Now she is looking forward to the next opportunity to meet them.
This year must be a special one for us because we could attend all the events regarding the sake rice, from the rice planting event to the rice harvesting event, and we could get to know the foreign participants and the local people. Thanks a bunch.
We would be very happy if we can meet the foreigners periodically. (if possible, frequently.)

Kikuta family (Yuichiro, Miho, Rio, Ryusei)

PS: I think we will be able to meet them again at the poster session of our brand new sake. lol


PS 次回は日本酒の完成会ですかね。(笑)