●Learned how to make onigiri
On September16th, I was lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to take part in the harvesting of rice in Iizaka Machi. After a short opening ceremony, being given a sickle used to reap the crop, and a demonstration on how to harvest the rice, myself and many members of the local community, young and old, as well as some members from the FC United soccer team started working together. We all finished up after about an hour and it was a surprisingly fun, interesting and new experience for many of us. There was even a TV crew video taping us all. I was also interviewed by them. I was a bit nervous and tried answering their questions in Japanese so I hope what I said made sense! Next, to celebrate our hard work, we gathered together and made many soy sauce and miso onigiri by hand. After cooking them, we all sat down to enjoy some delicious food, drinks, and chats with each other. I had a wonderful time with everyone and very happy to have been given the chance to experience not only how to harvest rice by hand but to also learn how to make onigiri. I would very gladly participate in many more opportunities like this in the future!

Brian Pereksta


ブライアン パレクスタ