●Attempt to attract American people

Hello, this is Ken.
How’s everything going?
In my place, we can see the autumn colors everywhere but at the same time, it’s getting chilly day by day recently.

By the way, our office has been trying to promote our area by using SNS such as Instagram or Facebook, with some excellent students of the Sakurano Seibo junior college.
From time to time we have a workshop to build up the strategies for our promotion.
The other day, we invited two Fukushima residents from the US, David and Angela to ask them what kind of things American people were interested in, regarding Fukushima specialties or entire Japanese culture.

Two American guests told us that they were always surprised by how Japanese cakes were beautifully decorated and how the cakes were actually mouthwatering. And they told us that so many American people were willing to know more about Japanese Samurai and there were so many places where we could feel Samurai culture in Fukushima.

All the students got some hints to attract American people to Fukushima and at the same time, knew it would be a bit difficult to wipe out the misunderstandings about Fukushima. Because we can easily find negative comments or photos regarding Fukushima whenever we google “Fukushima”.

Although we are still facing the difficulty to change the misperception about Fukushima in other areas, we won’t be beaten. We will keep moving forward.

Now we are posting photos of current Fukushima for our personal Instagram accounts with a hashtag “#fuku4u”.(※)
This hashtag was of course created by the students.
The word “fuku” has two meanings, “happiness” and “Fukushima”.
We are posting photos and articles wishing people in Fukushima will be happier and people in other areas will feel a kind of happiness from our hearty photos and explanations.

I really hope that so many people will post great pictures to revitalize and boost Fukushima people’s wounded mind.
We are trying to help ourselves and we need a bit of your help in this field.

See you again soon.

※We changed the hashtag to "#fukushima4u" for some reasons.